Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sovereignty as Important Aspect to a Nation States Government Research Paper

Sovereignty as Important Aspect to a Nation States Government - Research Paper Example Some states such as the United States of America are more sovereign than others. According to Borensztein (2004:17), the U.S. has been at the forefront in declaring the significance of arsenal nuclear accumulation. The publicizing of nuclear proliferation by corporate media that is revolving around Iraq and the half of North Korea is a concern to the U.S. According to the U.S officials, this move by such countries that seem suspicious calls international intersection. Therefore, since the U.S is more sovereign than Korea, it deployed about thirty-seven thousand troops and stationed them in Korea. In addition, it deployed a massive number of military forces all over Iraq. When the U.S government orders other countries to cease nuclear proliferation, those countries must lower down their defenses and disarm with immediate effect. However, Iraq did not respond to this call by the U.S forcing the U.S to attack the country. After the war kicked off, Iraq could abide with the United Nation s Security Council Resolutions and call off the war, but insisted on keeping its nukes despite the understanding that only the U.S portrays its nuclear as a necessity to its national security. The legitimate purpose of establishing the United Nations was to ensure peaceful negotiations between quarrelling nations and come to a mutual understanding without necessarily resulting in war. However, the case of the USA and Iraq was different since Iraq did not want to resolute to the UN council. It considered the application of ‘Atoms for Peace’ program factoring itself out as sovereign with sovereignty guaranteed in the UN Charter that declares that a sovereign nation has a right to defend itself in case of an external attack. The application of power to control and curb possible risks by the United States depicts its sovereignty (Wilkins & Stark, 2010:41). Therefore, following this example, it is true to say that some nations are more sovereign compared to others. Some stat es are more sovereign than others are because politicians and globalists strive to acquire power by use of substantial resolutions.

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