Monday, October 7, 2019

Child Development through Interaction, Observation and Conversation Essay

Child Development through Interaction, Observation and Conversation - Essay Example For example the child could run away from balls that were thrown at them and could easily hit them to hurt them. The child was however selective with choice of games as he preferred less strenuous games. Again, the child used mastery in motor skills to walk from shelf to shelf to get books that they preferred to read. Interacting with the child, it was noted that his choice of book selection was affected by gender as the child perceived that as a male he was to read books with themes that focused on adventure and fiction rather than those about nature. From Piaget’s cognitive child development theory, children can be seen a little scientists who possess the ability to create their own forms of knowledge (Joseph, 2000). This was exactly what was experienced with the child as he constantly preferred to use real life situations and experiences to get questions that were posed in the classroom answered. At the playground, the child exhibited intensive metacognition abilities as he confirmed that he could know through knowing. This is because while the child was observed playing a video game on football, the child always tried to transfer knowledge in real life football into the game so as to win. According to Piaget’s stage of cognitive development, second graders can be said to be concrete operational stage where they start to think more logically but also struggle with abstract and hypothetical concepts (Jacobi, Calamari & Woodard, 2006). This was seen with the child’s language capabilities which were translated into choice of books that were selected. This is because the child wanted books with more illustrations that directly translated the ideas they wanted to read about. Through interaction with the child, it was found that there child had some difficulty accepting and adapting to the classroom as a social setting. This is because the child was constantly withdrawn from

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