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At risk youths Essay

In the given topical analysis we will be exploring the issue of â€Å"At risk youths†. The developmental procedure to this debate will follow a thorough logical unfolding. Commencing with what exactly is regarded or categorized as â€Å"At risk† merely to follow onto a breaking down of †¢ At risk youth’s classification not merely belonging to one social background but, covering different social rooting. †¢ An identification of the similar relevancies between these different groups classified as â€Å"At risk† status. †¢ What the retrospective view would be from a ground breaking opposition to this thesis. †¢ Statement back up, in terms of media and public evidence which allows temporal placement of the issues in a historical context onto present time. †¢ Reinforcement to the philosophical context of the overall paper in serious terms. What exactly, can we classify â€Å"At risk youths as being? â€Å" Who are they? †, â€Å" Where do they come form? †. At risk youths provene and stem form all walks of society. The rich and the poor. One time they could be pin pointed as appurtenant to the less affluent social classes, now it is a different case scenario. At risk youths have flowed into all social classes due to the inability of society to break through different social boundaries. For instance, we have the boundaries between living expectations in terms of monetary expenditure and social development, immigration, taxation or, what is better regarded as a faster pace of living. The government bringing in more refugee immigrants has brought about a state in which taxations have to be raised in order to meet immigrant’s needs, in terms of benefits reliance. An increase in benefits reliance has brought about increased taxation. Increased taxation has meant longer working hours. As taxation rises, inflation rises, bringing the consumer market beyond the reach of the targeted customer. Longer working hours has brought about the disruption of the family nucleus, leaving youths with no identity foundation and the substitution of this with internet chat rooms , creating a higher risk of crime related incidences ( Rape, murder, youth abduction) all springing from the deficiency of time required to distill social values in youths. Looking at things from an opposing perspective it is easy to see that opposition to this thesis would mostly stem form the given view that increased social funds thanks to higher taxes has allowed further expenditure in the field of education, after school recreational forums or leisure activities for youths in which to promulgate free hours and positively influence their mental sphere. Hence, families indeed are working longer hours but, replacements are been put in place in order to address youths freedom towards positive engagements which equally stimulate them and place a clear perspective of what is right and wrong social behavior. Also aided by the view they are subconsciously absorbing, of it being wrong to remain in and idle not employed status rather than being fully employed. Here we have two objective sided to the argument of what the composition of â€Å"At risk youths† is. But, in terms of historical background, what exactly was the periscopic difference in the situation? As stated at the outset, â€Å"At risk youths† could be easily defined. They belonged to one class. Starting with the less affluent middle class downwards. The reason youths were regarded as at risk, was due to the underlying fact that they lived in houses with poor sanitation or often due to lack of funds, youths were placed in minefield to work. In historical terms, mothers were identified as being the heart of the family, the core; they were in charge of ordaining social values in their children and addressing them towards a positive upbringing. Social youth crime rates sharply re-enforce this perspective. Today, social values have disintegrated themselves. Women and men are engaged shoulder to shoulder, face to face in a battle of the sexes. A man is no longer required to â€Å"Bring the bread home†. The battle, in breaking it even between sexes, has led to the neglect of the family nucleus or certain anchoring of focus for youths. There is nobody to act as a constant ramp of positive social flow or influence. Youths are left stranded in an abyss, looking to one another for anchor or to stay afloat, they are slowly having their thread unwound and as a replacement they look to negative influences such as constant bombardment of television with violent crime scenes, murders or mere brain washing. Motherly substitutes. Materialism has become the centre of what youths see as a secure, good future, they lack any spiritual or inwards inspiration to make them stable individuals. All of this can be clearly seen as having a psychological effect on youths reflected in the correlation of youth crimes. At present no direct solution has been envisaged, in countries like the United Kingdom there has been an implementation of increased police patrolling and armed officers patrolling streets but, no direct analysis and modification of the deeper cause and effect. Parents are afraid of chastising children and youths due to the direct threat of social services interference and Government legislations disallowing all forms of chastisement. Without a decrease in taxation or a future market collapse, without a break even in equal sex payments and treatments women are going to be mentally forced to relinquish the position of the core of the family and youths are going to lack forever more a central foundation. Competitiveness replaces family, substitutes these with a world where materialism and comfort is seen as the only sole objective, and, at any cost. Youths will continue to lack to worsen by the day until they spiral out of control. What needs to be done to control this and monitor it? The only way we can monitor this progressive detrimental development is through the formation of a central bode correlated to the monitoring of youth progress solely. Monitoring their social background and analyzing what youth offenders or the different classes of ‘At risk have in common†. Gradually an entire body of evidence can be gathered in order to implement further legislations or coerce the Government or further institutional bodies into taking action at a ministerial or local level. The youth of today, of tomorrow is the world leader of tomorrow, representing people or generations to come who will lead the world ahead, they will create the future. If they have no stability , if we make this entire body â€Å" At risk†, what type of future is being created, what type of minds are being shaped for the future, what type of ideas are being instilled in the Youths, to carry into a new world generation?. An identification of the problem amongst Youths has to be found today, and a solution has to be found to this social issue before it spirals out of control and beyond remedy. SOURCES, DAILY TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER SOCIETY TODAY, MICHAEL PIEN BLACKWELL 2006.

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