Saturday, November 2, 2019

Film analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Film analysis - Essay Example Salieri, being a serious man and a serious composer cannot abide the thought that this unserious young man was given a gift that he, Salieri, was not. Thus, Salieri becomes all-consumed with envy. Historical evidence indicates that Salieri was extremely envious of Mozart, just as the film depicts. Salieris enmity towards Mozart is explained as the fact that Mozart was able to, with great success, set an opera, the Cosi fan tutte, that Salieri had failed to set and é  he great success of Mozart in accomplishing what he [Salieri] could make nothing of is supposed to have been the first origin of his enmity and malice towards Mozart.(Landon, 1988, p. 156). Salieri also was jealous because his own pieces were ç” °ommonplace and of course in no way comparable to Mozart,and that it only took a generation for Salieris music to die out. (Landon, 1988, p. 173) At Mozarts funeral, Salieri was alleged to have said to a companion that it was åŠ ªell for us that he is dead. For had he lived longer, verily, the world would not have given us another bit of bread for our compositions!(Thayer, 1989, p. 134). This shows that Salieri believed that Mozart overshadowed him, and that, if M ozart had lived further, Salieri would have fallen into obscurity. Once again turning to the films portrayal of the relationship between the two men, Salieri, because of the unfairness that Mozart was given a gift that was denied Salieri, Salieri renounces God, then sets to destroying Mozart any way he can. Salieri sets up Mozarts wife, Constanze to come to his palace, with the ruse that she must have sex with him in order for Mozart to get a job teaching music to a young debutante. When young Constanze appears in the palace and proceeds to undress, he throws her out, humiliating her. He undermines Mozarts reputation with the Emperor at every turn. He sends in a spy to report

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