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Any artist from United Arab Emirats Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Any artist from United Arab Emirats - Essay Example Hussain El Jassmi’s music career began early in his childhood having had the chance to perform UAE television when he was just seven years old. His music style and voice, which was full of warmth compassion, and tenderness, even at such an age, drew attracted attention from everyone who has a chance to listen to him. The pure inborn talent that attracted one of the biggest production companies, the Rotana Cooperation, to sign him culminating in his first album in 2002 which consisted of singles like Al Kibr Lil, Azibtny, Bawadak, El Tarf, Kan Zial, Min Gabrkm, Qasd, Safr and Ya Elmhbin. Hussein Al Jassmi and the Rotana Cooperation has since 2013, terminated their contract after the production company and the singer had a disagreement over a number of singles that the singer sold to some radio stations without consent from the production company. Hussain El Jassmi’s love for music does not end with music production; he has also taken part in production of soundtracks for TV series in addition to performing in a number of festivals such as Dubai Festival, Salalah Festival in Oman, and Hala Febrayer Festival in Kuwait. Lovers of his music are attracted to his songs due to Hussain El Jassmi’s choice of words, music rhythm, and the general composition of his songs that introduced him as unique and new in the Middle East world of singing and art. When the popular TV series, X-factor came to the Arab world Hussain Al Jassmi was selected as one of the judges in the show. As one of the most popular musicians from the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Al Jassmi rose to fame in the local and regional music industry after the release of his first single Bawada'ak, which became an instant hit, played in radio and television. After the success of Bawada'ak, Hussain Al Jassmi went on to release a new single called Wallah Mayiswa, which further propelled him into the Middle East music charts as one of the most talented artists in addition to selling thousands of copies of the song. Hussain Al Jassmi’s rise in the Middle East music industry was capped with a best Arabic male singer award during the 2008 Murex d'Or award ceremony. After the first album, Husain Al Jassmi released another album in 2004 that included songs such as, Aaly Al Mostawa, Al Ray Wa Al Theeb, Al Shaky, Baasy, Bekaitek, and Betshabeh Aalayya. His 2006 album included songs like Akkidili, Al Habeeb, Al Khiyana, Balligh Habeebak, Saber, Wesk Hal, and Ya Khafeef Al Roh. These songs plus other singles has continued to be popular in the Middle East as seen from the millions of copies that the singer has sold. Since the release of his first album Qasid in 2002, Hussain Al Jassmi has taken part in other major events both in the Middle East and throughout the world. Al Jassmi has engaged in charity work especially as the IIMSAM`s Goodwill Ambassador for third world countries to tackle malnutrition in developing countries. In his work as the goodwill ambassador for IIMSA M, Al Jassmi joined a number of other high-profile individuals who have been recognized for their contributions toward the needy in the international community including US President Barrack Obama, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona. On May 2012, took part in an advocacy campaign for the needy in the North African Region and GCC on behalf of IIMSAM. All the proceeds generated from his concerts

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